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Behind the Scenes at REMBRANDT®


Total Beauty blogger Nadine Jolie loves beauty products and helping women figure out how to look their best. Having a beautiful, healthy-looking, white smile is a key part of that, but with so many whitening products out there, how do you choose? In her search for answers, she invites viewers to join her on a behind-the-scenes look at how one of the leading whitening and oral care brands was developed. Viv Tyndall, an Oral Care R&D Director for REMBRANDT® with more than 20 years experience in developing whitening products, helps demonstrate what makes REMBRANDT® stand apart from all the other whitening brands on the market.

So let's take a look and learn what really goes on in the REMBRANDT® laboratory.

  • REMBRANDT® was created by cosmetic dentist Dr. Robert Ibsen more than 20 years ago, and today the brand remains committed to using the latest, cutting-edge whitening ingredients and technologies to bring you a bright, healthy white smile. REMBRANDT® brought the first whitening toothpaste to the market in 1989, introduced the first whitening rinse in 1998 and created whitening strips in 2004.
  • To truly understand the consumer and what they are looking for, REMBRANDT® spends a lot of time interacting with consumers to get to know their individual needs. At the same time, there is a lot of activity to develop new technologies. This includes basic research on teeth, staining, effects of age on tooth appearance and how to improve not just the appearance, but the health of the teeth and mouth. Once technology is identified, the team then moves into the product development phase where the products are actually made, focusing on getting the consistency, flavor, form, fit, texture and comfort just right to deliver that great consumer experience.
  • In 2011, REMBRANDT® introduced the REMBRANDT® DEEPLY WHITE® collection to push boundaries and redefine white. To understand how REMBRANDT® DEEPLY WHITE® delivers superior whitening, it's important to understand the basic structure of teeth. Enamel, the outer, translucent surface of teeth, is hard, but porous. Dentin is the deeper layer, where some of the stains from food, drinking, and tobacco can accumulate over time, making your teeth look darker— often brown or yellow, rather than white and bright. Unlike most toothpastes, which only remove surface stains, DEEPLY WHITE® toothpaste was scientifically designed to not only polish away surface stains, but also travel through the tiny pores in the enamel and whiten below the surface.
  • As you brush, the peroxide breaks down and releases ions that are so small and chemically active that they travel through the pores in the enamel, reaching into the teeth to fight stains. When the ions reach the stains, they break chemical bonds in the stains, which cause them to become colorless, visibly whitening the teeth. So, how is DEEPLY WHITE® different than any other whitening products you can buy? DEEPLY WHITE® is the first all-in-one fluoride toothpaste to contain Active Dental Peroxide – the same enamel-safe ingredient dentists use to whiten deep stains, not just surface stains.