Scientfically formulate for superior whitening

Developed by cosmetic dentist and whitening pioneer, Dr. Robert Ibsen, REMBRANDT® was the first-ever whitening toothpaste on the market. While the whitening category has grown over the years, REMBRANDT® —unlike other whitening brands—remains solely centered on teeth whitening.

REMBRANDT® continues to focus on the development of products that are scientifically proven to whiten, maintain, and protect your smile.



1989 – REMBRANDT® launched the first-ever whitening toothpaste.

1992 – REMBRANDT® launches its first mouthwash.

1993 – REMBRANDT® releases a canker sore toothpaste for sensitive mouths.

1998 – REMBRANDT® launches its first whitening rinse.

2001 – REMBRANDT® launches Plus® Peroxide Gel & INTENSE STAIN® Toothpastes.

2004 – REMBRANDT® Whitening strips were introduced in the market.

2007 – REMBRANDT® updated packaging to reflect the new brand image.

2008 – REMBRANDT® reformulated INTENSE STAIN® Toothpaste.

2011 – REMBRANDT® launches a new formulation for DEEPLY WHITE® Toothpaste.

2016 – REMBRANDT® acquired by Ranir, LLC, a global leader in oral care products.