REMBRANDT®, the original at-home teeth whitening brand, enters the power toothbrush market for the first time with the launch of its power Whitening Toothbrush and Whitening Brush Heads, rounding out the brand’s suite of highly effective, scientifically proven teeth whitening solutions. The power toothbrush and 3-pack of replacement brush heads are now available online at and with a suggested retail price of $59.99 and $19.99 each, respectively.


REMBRANDT’S unique design features two brushing modes—Whitening and Sensitive—to allow consumers the ability to customize their daily whitening experience.

Based on in vitro laboratory testing, the REMBRANDT® Whitening Toothbrush and Brush Heads demonstrated seven times more plaque removal compared to a manual toothbrush. The rechargeable handle features a two-minute timer and a pressure sensor indicator to alert the user if they’re brushing too hard.

“As the first-ever brand solely dedicated to at-home teeth whitening, REMBRANDT has historically played the role of category innovator,” said Don Cumming, global brand director for REMBRANDT. “We’ve taken our depth of whitening knowhow and applied it to the toothbrush market. The result is a functional, flexible design that expands our scientifically proven, high-quality whitening approach to another segment of the daily dental care routine.”

The new Whitening Toothbrush is inspired by professional dental tools with its oscillating brush head and diamond-shaped bristles that effectively remove hard-to-fight surface stains to reveal visibly whiter teeth in just five days. When paired with a REMBRANDT toothpaste, such as DEEPLY WHITE® or INTENSE STAIN®, using the REMBRANDT power toothbrush can result in eight times whiter teeth compared to using a manual toothbrush with regular toothpaste.

For maximum results, the REMBRANDT power toothbrush should be used in tandem with the brand’s complete suite of highly effective at-home teeth whitening solutions, which includes INTENSE STAIN and DEEPLY WHITE toothpastes, the 1 Week Whitening Kit and the 3 Day Whitening Boost Kit.

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