Leaves are changing colors, college football games are consuming your weekends and apple orchards are beckoning with refreshing apple cider and warm doughnuts. This can only mean one thing: fall is here.

Don’t let your healthy smile “fall” victim to all that is tasty this season! Following these tips to combat fall’s biggest teeth-staining offenders will be key in keeping your uniquely beautiful smile bright.

  1. Try avoiding teeth-staining fruits. Foods such as blueberries and blackberries, as well as acidic foods like tomato-based pasta sauce, can cause staining. Steer clear of these foods and begin incorporating fall-friendly foods and fruits such as apples into your diet.
  2. Keep track of your coffee intake. Though many of us crave coffee as part of our daily routine especially as the weather cools off, it’s important to monitor your intake and take care of your teeth. Coffee is not only one of the biggest teeth-staining offenders, but it can also give you dry mouth due to the high amounts of caffeine.
  3. Be aware of sweet candy. With fall comes exciting—and delicious—holidays like Halloween. Unfortunately, too much sugar can cause damage to your teeth. Resisting candy can be difficult, but monitoring the amount you eat can satisfy your sweet tooth while still helping you protect your smile.
  4. Slow down on the “witches brew” and drink more water. While fall wines are delicious, they are notorious for staining teeth. Water, on the other hand, is essential to keeping your teeth and body healthy. Try drinking an extra glass a day or keeping a reusable water bottle at your side for easy fill-ups.
  5. Upgrade your dental products. REMBRANDT® has the perfect family of whitening products to give your unique smile a boost this fall. Try out the new 3 Day Whitening Boost Kit for a quick fix or the electric Whitening Toothbrush for a spin on your daily routine.

As a friendly reminder: just because leaves are changing colors, doesn’t mean your smile has to!