You make a mental note to replace your toothpaste when it starts to run out, but do you do the same for your toothbrush? To keep your uniquely beautiful smile looking and feeling its cleanest, we recommend replacing your REMBRANDT toothbrush head every 3 months.

Check out these reasons why it’s important to regularly replace your brush head:

Worn Brush Heads Damage Gums

Toothbrush bristles are made with round, gentle tips so they don’t damage your gums. However, after they are worn down after a few months of use, they can become sharp and cause damage to your gum tissues. Irritated gums can lead to recession and sensitivity.

10 Million

10 million: the average number of bacteria on your toothbrush right now. Yuck! While not all these bacteria are dangerous, some can be – especially during cold and flu season. These bacteria can live on moist surfaces for up to 72 hours, and since a toothbrush is the perfect place to harbor bacteria, it’s best practice to replace it often or after you or a family member has been sick.

Worn Brush Heads Don’t Clean as Well

It’s counter-productive to brush your teeth with a worn brush head. Frayed and worn bristles can bend away from your teeth while brushing, stopping the tips from reaching between teeth and gums.

Leads to Bad Breath

Nobody wants bad breath. Simply put, brushing with a dirty brush head leads to a less-than-fresh breath and smile. The most effective method is to change your brush head for a healthy clean smile you won’t feel self-conscious about.